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If you love mysteries, then we are kindred spirits. My reading preferences are eclectic, but my first love has always been the mystery. I love reading mysteries, and I love writing mysteries.

One aspect most of my stories have in common is an emphasis on the past. They come by that naturally, though, as I’m also an amateur genealogist. I’m fascinated with the past, not only past events but also how a person’s past influences his or her present and future. This is where my two loves—writing and family history research—come together. Sometimes a character’s past is recent and personal, and sometimes it’s distant and generational.

Another common attribute of my stories is the tendency to tackle issues. I rarely set out with an issue in mind, but one or more of them seem to topple into my stories of their own accord.

I hope you find something on my list that pleases your reading fancy. I also hope you’ll join me on my blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter as I delve into my own past and the past of my characters.