Welcome to My New Web and Blog Site

This could be a blog about old dogs and new tricks, change, Murphy’s Law, or all three rolled into one huge boulder that would challenge even Sisyphus! Hmm. Maybe that’s a little overstated. Whether or no, I’ll spare you the details of the last couple of weeks and instead invite you to look around my new digs. My new site includes my web pages and my blog. As I didn’t migrate anything from the old blog, I have zero followers for my new blog. If you’re inclined to see what I might dream up in the future, enter your email address in the top box on the sidebar. Thanks for dropping by! (P.S. The comment link is below the share buttons.)


10 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Web and Blog Site

  1. I really like it, Sylvia. Well-organized and eye-catching.

    As I was looking over your pages, I realized I read The Missing Calico and really enjoyed it. Yes, I need to do a review!

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