Review: Finding Love by Toni Shiloh

The aroma of maple goodies is not the only thing in the air in Delaney Jones’ family restaurant. In this second book in Shiloh’s Maple Run series, romance is in the air, too!

However, Delaney and Luke Robinson are unaware and unprepared for it when it hits them. In fact, neither of them wants it—for different reasons tied to a single event. Their journey as they push and pull toward each other tries their faith in themselves, each other, and the Father both depend on.

Romance is not in my top five preferred genres, but I was drawn by some of Shiloh’s posts to try her fiction. I’m glad I did. Finding Love is about so much more than boy meets girl and falls in love. It tackles events and emotions confronting so many young adults today, perhaps older adults as well.

Finding Love is well written, and Shiloh does an excellent job of moving the story forward with stops and starts that challenge Delaney and Luke. I’m going to have read another romance in spite of myself. Buying Love, the first book in Shiloh’s Maple Run series, is already on my Kindle!