About Me

Sylvia A. Nash

Hello! I’m pleased you want to get to know me. Let me introduce you to the different persons that I am.


I’m a southerner to the bone—almost. I don’t care for grits; but I love country ham, southern barbecue, cracklin’ cornbread and turnip greens, fried chicken and Mama’s dumplings. I also love southern hospitality, at least the kind everybody expects. Things change as the years go by, and they have in the south, too. I expect that most southerners still practice that hospitality, though.

I live in West Tennessee, which has been home for most of my life. I’ve also lived in East Tennessee, Michigan, and California. The mix was good for me and for my outlook on life. Of course, I’ve visited a few other places in the U.S.A. and out. The one place I would so love to revisit is England. For some strange reason, when I went to England the first time, I felt as if I had come home.


I’m a writer. Like many writers, I have loved reading and writing since childhood, sometimes going a little overboard. I knew when Mama said, “Sylvia ANNE, put that book down and set the table,” I’d better do it! From the beginning, I’ve read any and everything. I’ve tried to write any and everything, too. My first published short story is proof of that. That story, published in the Beta Club Magazine when I was in high school, told about a boy becoming a man while working on his father’s ranch. Talk about NOT writing what you know!

Over the years, I’ve written other stories, poems, and essays, all the while wishing I could magically become an author. I learned a valuable lesson during that time. Becoming an author involves a lot of hard work, which I didn’t mind too much; a lot of patience, which I’ve never had; and a lot of persistence, which I didn’t understand. I’m still trying to improve in all three areas. I credit the members of three professional writers’ groups—ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), SinC (Sisters in Crime, especially the Guppies), and MWA (Mystery Writers of America)—for much of my improvement.

Writing gives me the opportunity to tell the stories that keep bumping around in my head, trying to be first on the page. Sometimes the stories deliver a message or show a slice of life. Sometimes they simply provide an escape. I hope you will escape with me, and if you find something useful in the words on my pages and in my stories and poems, so much the better!


I’m a Christian. I believe in God and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. By extension, that makes me a Christian writer. Of course, that influences my writing, but it does not make me a preacher. You’ll see that as you read my stories.

I do have spiritual beliefs that are important to me and by which I try to live. To me, one of the most important of these beliefs is that we are to love one another as God and Jesus loved us. I think if each of us were willing to sacrifice and die for others, regardless of our religious affiliations, this would be a very different world.

PK—Preacher’s Kid

I’m the daughter of a preacher and of a preacher’s wife. I say it this way because being a preacher’s wife is a calling, too. Daddy and Mama both rose to the challenge. Being their daughter and being a PK has given me a unique perspective on people and on life. It also has given me a unique perspective on religion in general and Christianity in particular. I am thankful for my upbringing and for my parents and their witness and example. I have had the opportunity to follow God’s commandment to honor my mom and dad by helping to take care of them in their senior years. Mama passed away May 2013. Daddy passed away in December 2016. I miss them both every day.


I might not have been blessed with children of my own, but I have been blessed with three nieces and a nephew. They are a joy and a treasure. I’ve loved being an Auntie. Two of my nieces once told me I seemed more like a cousin than an aunt. I’m fairly sure they meant I was fun to be with. I don’t think they meant I was childish. (Chuckle.)

Student and Educator

I’ve been both student and educator, sometimes at the same time. I majored in English and took every literature and writing course I could. I minored in philosophy and became fascinated with the mind of man. I taught high school English and worked in admissions at a university. I enjoy learning and love to share what I’ve learned. The truth is I would be happy to be a student for the rest of my life.

Amateur Genealogist

I became interested in genealogy for two reasons: I didn’t have children to link me to the future, so I turned to my ancestors for links to the past. I’m also fascinated with the past—both the people and the events. Whether in the recent or distant past, the events that happen today in the lives of individuals and nations did begin in the past. It’s only natural that I see my mysteries beginning in the past as well.