Cozy Mysteries

To date, I have two cozy mystery series with two books in one series and three books in the other series. (Click on the links below or the tabs above.)

Millicent Anderson Mysteries

Millicent Anderson is the young philosophy professor-turned-sleuth in the Millicent Anderson Mystery Series. She uses her logic to solve her mysteries and protect her friends. Millicent appeared first in two short stories: “A Hint of Chocolate” and “Sins of the Father” in Paths in Time. She continued her sleuthing in the full-length mysteries that followed: The Missing Calico and The Book of Secrets.

Enid Gilchrist Mysteries

Enid Grizel Douglas Gilchrist is the sixty-five-year-old genealogist-turned-sleuth in the Enid Gilchrist Mystery Series. She uses her genealogical research methods to unravel the past as it impacts the mystery in the present, first in Benjamin’s Ghosts and then in Mama’s Secret, and Martha’s Gift.


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