Mama’s Secret

Mama’s Secret: An Enid Gilchrist Mystery (Oct 2017)

Genealogist Enid Gilchrist thought she was going to help patron Maude Everly keep a promise and uncover a family secret. Now as she and Maude search through the contents of a generations-old dower chest, they discover clues to more family secrets, troubling secrets from the Civil War years that someone is desperate to keep buried. As a child, Maude had promised her great-grandmother she would search for the secret and a lost baby doll. Family pressure and the struggle to survive during the Great Depression drove the promise from her young mind. Her recent discovery of a photograph of escaped slaves in an 1862 newspaper advertisement pulled the memory back. Enid expected their search to plunge them into the turmoil of the great rebellion, but she never dreamed it would pull that turmoil into their present-day rural West Tennessee community and threaten their lives. Can they discover all of the family secrets in time to save their lives? In time for ninety-year-old Maude to keep her promise?

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