Beyond the Mist

Beyond the Mist, A Collection of Paranormal Short Stories (Mar 2018)

A disembodied voice. A spectral visitation. An inexplicable knowing. Such occurrences defy logic. Or do they? Is it possible that paranormal forces do exist Beyond the Mist waiting to enlighten us—or frighten us? This is the thread that ties these stories together. Whether focused on crime or curse, apparition or psychic connection, each story is driven by a paranormal force that its characters are compelled to believe.


  • “Mind Waves”: Someone is sending sinister thoughts. Nina has resisted him before. Now she must find his newest vessel before he finds his next victim.
  • “Alexandria”: Samantha’s sister Alexandria disappeared seventeen years ago. Has she returned to protect Samantha from a similar fate?
  • “Cove Widow”: The widow returns each year on the anniversary of her husband’s death to walk the cove and summon anyone she meets to follow her. No one has done so—yet.
  • “Day Dreams”: Arthur can only dream of stopping his tormentors.
  • “River’s Edge”: Every ten years, Emmaline returns to fulfill the curse. Will Joanna’s husband be among this year’s victims?
  • “Poetic Justice”: Never underestimate a murderer—or a sister.
  • “In Search of a Name”: Rachel knows the name of her unborn child. She doesn’t know the origin of the name.
  • “Misty Black”: Misty’s unexpected gifts allow her and her four-footed friends to find answers for both the living and the dead. Will those gifts lead her to her own answers or send her back to the other side.

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