To date, I’ve written only one thriller. I’m not even sure it’s a thriller. I think of it as a borderline psychological thriller. Whatever it is, I hope it isn’t the last story I have in this category.

The Story Behind the Story
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The seed for Rx for Retribution sprouted over several years’ time before I actually began writing it. Initially, I thought I would write a nonfiction guide of sorts for patients and their family caregivers. In fact, I even started writing the nonfiction book, but it didn’t resonate with my thoughts and emotions, so I put it aside. Then the story of Rx for Retribution took hold of me, and I couldn’t stop writing it in spite of many setbacks and hindrances. Although it has no foul language or bedroom activity, Rx for Retribution is definitely not like my cozy mysteries. It is more of a thriller, it is darker and more disturbing, and there is murder on the page. It also may spark controversy as the characters come to their own conclusions about several issues confronting readers today. I hope it does. You’ll see why as you turn its pages. Don’t forget to click on the link to read the blurb.


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